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Chrome Extension

Supercharge your productivity with Naas Chrome Extension



Experience the power of AI, analytics, and automation with the Naas Chrome Extension. This innovative tool is your ultimate digital co-pilot, designed to supercharge your productivity by tenfold. Always accessible on the side of your browser, it connects generative language models with templates and data products.


Always-On AI Assistant

The Naas Chrome Extension is your 24/7 AI companion, ready to assist whenever you need it. The fact that the button is accessible at the search bar level makes it very easy to open or close.

Supercharged Productivity

By seamlessly integrating with hundreds of apps and automating workflows through the powerful integration with the Lab, the extension transforms your browser into a productivity powerhouse.

Continuous Learning

Access to a the of AI and data templates catalog via the Search means constant learning and upskilling, keeping you at the forefront of the data revolution.

Optimal Resource Use

With the integrated Dashboard, you can keep an eye on your resource usage, ensuring you get the maximum returns for each tasks you are doing within Naas.

Unparalleled Integration

The extension’s ability to connect with a multitude of apps ensures seamless compatibility with your existing tools, making it the perfect addition to your digital toolkit.


Side Panel

The Chrome Extension uses the side panel of Google Chrome where Reading list, Bookmark History are also located. It is designed to be non-intrusive: a simple click on the extension button splits your screen beautifully into two. Another click and the sidebar disappear.

Chat Tab

The Chat Tab perfectly integrates with your workflow, if you want to summarize articles, structure your notes, write code snippets, research on a topic, to step by step ideation, you don’t have to go to another tab, saving time and skyrocketing efficiency.

Search Tab

Dive into the vast sea of AI and data templates available in Naas through the Search tab. These templates serve as your secret weapon to turbocharge your data analysis, automation, and AI tasks.

Dashboard Tab

Stay in control with the live dashboard that tracks your credit consumption with account balance and cost per transactions, it aggregates all the costs of your data & AI jobs at the same place.

Extension Tab

The Extension Tab enable access to Naas Lab through a token, it bridges connections to applications, accessing cookies of platforms that don’t have open API. It then provides the ability to manually configure jobs as webhooks, initiating workflows and adding payloads as needed.


Get ready to experience the future of productivity with the Naas Chrome Extension!