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Naas has a rich library of ready-to-use Jupyter notebooks called "Awesome-notebooks." These templates cover a wide range of tools and can serve as a valuable starting point for your projects. The Awesome-notebooks library is publicly available on Github, and you can explore the collection here and on Naas Search

Retrieve Notebook Templates List

You can retrieve the list of available notebook templates organized by tools directly from Github. To download a notebook, click on the corresponding link, which will download the notebook to your root folder.

Here's how to fetch the list using the Naas Drivers library:

import naas_drivers


Generate a Badge for Your Notebook

You can also create a badge for your Github-hosted notebook template. This badge, when clicked, allows anyone to download your notebook directly to their root folder, promoting easy sharing and reusability.

To create a badge for your notebook, provide the file URL as shown below:

import naas_drivers

file_url = ""

In summary, the Awesome-notebooks catalog is a practical library of templates that not only reduces the time and effort required to initiate new projects but also promotes code reusability and collaboration.