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Naas jobs are low-code formulas that you can access through the Naas Python library. The library provides a variety of functions that allow you to perform various tasks.

Types of Jobs


The scheduler allows you to schedule notebooks to run on a regular basis using cron syntax.

import naas


Naas assets allow you to serve files on the internet. You can use naas.assets.add to host a file from your JupyterLab instance, providing you with a unique, public URL.

import naas


Webhooks transform a notebook into an HTTP endpoint that can be queried using GET or POST methods. You can send parameters with your queries and receive different formats of data in response.

import naas


Notifications enable you to send emails from Naas. You can build an email in HTML and send it using naas.notification.send.

import naas


Naas secrets allow you to store sensitive information in your JupyterLab instance without having to hardcode any secrets in your notebooks.

import naas


Naas pipelines let you build complex graphs of execution. You can run multiple notebooks in parallel, wait for their successful completion, and then proceed to the next step.

import naas


You can access these jobs after installing Naas. Each job has a consistent interface, which makes them easy to use. However, each job has its unique features, which you can check in the documentation.

pip install naas

Please note that currently, Naas jobs only work on We are working on converting all of these jobs to API endpoints, which will allow you to install the Naas library anywhere and use our jobs from any location.