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General Instructions

Promote responsible use of the NAAS platform by ensuring authorized access, securing accounts, protecting data privacy, and staying current with software updates and cautious third-party integrations.

User Responsibility: Ensure that all individuals using the NAAS platform have authorized access and are adequately trained on its functionalities and the importance of data security.

Account Security: Ensure your login credentials remain confidential by employing robust, unique passwords and activating two-factor authentication. Opt for social logins through trusted providers like Google or Microsoft as a further measure to fortify your account against unauthorized access.

Data Privacy: Exercise caution when handling sensitive business and personal information. Comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations to safeguard the privacy of your and your customers' data.

Software Updates:

  • NAAS Platform: As a cloud-based platform, NAAS is maintained by NaasAI, Inc. to ensure you always have access to the latest security enhancements and features. Regular platform updates are performed automatically, reducing the need for user intervention while ensuring optimal security and performance.
  • ABI Updates: ABI, being an open-source repository, requires users to manually update to the latest version to incorporate security patches and new features. Regularly check the ABI repository for updates and follow the provided instructions to keep your implementation up to date. This is crucial for protecting your data and maximizing the effectiveness of ABI within the NAAS ecosystem.

Third-Party Integrations: Exercise caution when integrating third-party services or applications with the NAAS platform. Only connect to trusted applications and ensure they meet your data security and privacy standards.