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Product Warnings

Below are critical product-specific warnings designed to ensure your interactions with AI agents/assistants, decision-making processes, and data management practices on the NAAS platform are secure, informed, and aligned with best practices:

AI Interactions: When interacting with AI agents like AIA and ABI or the specialized agents, be mindful of the information shared. Avoid inputting highly confidential data unless necessary and ensure appropriate security measures are in place.

Automated Decisions: Understand that decisions made by AI-based agents are based on algorithms and data provided. Always review and confirm AI-generated suggestions before taking action, especially in critical business decisions.

Data Sharing: Be aware of the settings and permissions around data sharing within the NAAS platform, especially when collaborating with external parties or across different departments within your organization.

External Links and Data: Exercise caution when accessing external links or importing data. Verify the authenticity and security of sources to prevent exposure to malicious content or data breaches.

Emergency Procedures: In case of a security breach or loss of data, follow your organization's emergency response plan. Promptly contact NAAS platform support for assistance and to mitigate potential impacts at [email protected].