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AI Model API


The AI Models API is a powerful feature of the NAAS platform that provides easy access to various AI models using your NAAS credits. It eliminates the need to maintain separate accounts for each AI provider and to handle the custom logic required to interact with them.

Focus and Expansion: Currently, the AI Models API is primarily focused on Language Model (LLM) and image generation. However, we have plans to expand its capabilities to include audio and video models, making it even more versatile and useful for a wide range of applications. Chat API Integration: The AI Models are also accessible via the Chat API, further enhancing the platform's interactive capabilities and providing users with a seamless experience.

Fine Tuning Capabilities: In addition to providing access to AI models, the API can also be used to fine-tune LLMs, offering users the flexibility to customize and optimize their models as per their specific needs.

The AI Models API is a testament to the NAAS platform's commitment to simplifying and enhancing user interaction with AI models. By providing easy access to various models, seamless integration with the Chat API, and fine-tuning capabilities, the API empowers users to leverage AI more effectively and efficiently.


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API Docs


  • List available models
  • Get available models
  • Post completion using model
  • Fine tune model
  • List fine tuned models
  • Get model