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Asset API


The NAAS platform simplifies the process of sharing files and making them accessible to the public or workspace members. This is achieved through the Assets API, a feature that allows users to expose and share various types of files such as images, graphs, and CSV files. This capability is particularly useful when building data products, such as emails, using ABI.


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  • CRUD Operations: The Assets API supports all Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations, offering users complete control over their files.
  • Flexible Sharing: The Assets API allows users to determine how their shared files behave when accessed. For example, an HTML file can be set to download upon access, or it can be displayed as a web page, which is the default behavior.
  • Integration with Workspaces: The Assets API works seamlessly with the Workspace /use command to create plugins. These plugins, represented in JSON format, can be loaded directly into the chat feature. More details about the /use feature and the Open in Chat feature can be found in the Workspace section.
  • Third-Party Tool Compatibility: Public links generated by the Assets API can be used in third-party tools like Power BI, extending the platform's functionality and integration capabilities.


The Assets API is a powerful tool for managing and sharing files within the NAAS platform. It offers flexibility in file access behavior, supports all CRUD operations, and integrates seamlessly with other platform features. This feature enhances user productivity and collaboration, making it easier to share and manage files across various platforms and workspaces.