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Chat API


The NAAS platform introduces an innovative feature - the Chat API. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of our existing AI Models and elevates them to a new level of functionality. The Chat API enables users to create chats, send messages, and interact with multiple AI models simultaneously within a single chat interface.

The Chat API is not just limited to facilitating communication; it also integrates seamlessly with the Plugin API. This compatibility empowers users to enhance their chat experience by developing and incorporating custom features.

At present, the Chat API supports interaction with a variety of AI models, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Stable Diffusion, Meta, and Midjourney. This diverse array of AI models provides users with a wide range of capabilities, facilitating more dynamic and flexible chat interactions.

With the Chat API, users can leverage the power of AI to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation. Whether you are looking to simplify internal communication or augment customer engagement, the Chat API is a versatile tool that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


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API Docs


  • List chat
  • Create new chat
  • Get chat
  • Update chat (title)
  • Generate chat title
  • Refresh chat
  • Delete chat
  • Star/unstar chat
  • List chat messages
  • Create new chat completion
  • Stop chat completion
  • Delete message
  • Rate message