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Connection API


The Connection API is a vital component of the NAAS platform, designed to streamline the process of integrating NAAS with third-party services or remote resources. This feature offers the flexibility to create custom connections with services that may not be directly supported by NAAS.

Secure Storage: The Connection API works in conjunction with the Secret API to securely store the values associated with your connections. This ensures that your sensitive data and credentials are kept safe while still being easily accessible for your integration needs.

Custom Connections: The Connection API allows you to create custom connections to services outside of those directly handled by NAAS. This feature ensures the platform's versatility, allowing it to adapt to your unique needs and work seamlessly with a wide range of services.

The Connection API is an invaluable tool for enhancing the capabilities of the NAAS platform. It simplifies the process of integrating with third-party services, provides secure storage for your connection data, and offers the flexibility to create custom connections. This feature is designed to adapt to your unique needs, making it an essential component for efficient and effective integration.


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API Docs


  • List connections
  • List connection types
  • Create new connection
  • Update connection
  • Delete connection