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Credit API


Imagine having a bank account solely dedicated to managing your NAAS platform services. That's exactly what our Credit API does. It's a powerful tool that keeps track of all credit consumption across all our services.

Account Balance Monitoring: The Credit API allows you to monitor your current account balance. This feature gives you real-time visibility into your credit usage, helping you manage your resources effectively.

Transaction Listing and Filtering: With the Credit API, you can list and filter all your transactions. It provides a detailed overview of your credit consumption, allowing for better planning and budgeting.

In essence, the Credit API is like your personal NAAS bank account. It provides the tools you need to manage your credit consumption, ensuring you get the most out of our platform's services.


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$0.00 (you can request access to your transactions history as much as you want)

API Docs


  • Get credits/dollar balance.
  • Get current plan (Free/Pro/Enterprise)
  • Get credit transactions