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Data Product Framework


The Naas Data Product Framework is designed to help individuals and organizations efficiently build data products. It serves as a comprehensive toolset, similar to how web development frameworks like React.js aid in creating web applications. Naas offers a standardized structure for data product development, pre-built components, integration with third-party tools, and facilitates collaboration and sharing. Its benefits include improved development efficiency, ease of integration, and support for collaboration within teams.

The framework includes a GitHub repository and a Python library. The GitHub repository features a structured file system for assets, inputs, models, outputs, tests, utilities, and setup, making it easier to organize and develop data products. The Python library simplifies navigating the framework's directory structure and automates the execution of notebooks in the utils directory, promoting code reuse.

Key advantages of using Naas include its low-code approach, open-source nature, integration with Jupyter notebooks, versatility in building various data products, and cloud-based access for convenience and flexibility. Overall, Naas aims to streamline the process of creating data products that leverage automation, analytics, and AI, making it a valuable resource for data scientists and engineers.


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