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Event API


The Event API is a crucial component of the NAAS platform that provides a comprehensive log of all activities within your NAAS account or workspace. It serves as a transparent record, ensuring you are always informed about the sequence of events and the reasons behind them.

The Event API is a versatile tool with multiple applications:

  • Credit Usage Computation: It accurately calculates the credits utilized for each task, ensuring transparent and accountable usage.
  • Detailed Logging and Tracing: The Event API keeps a detailed record of all activities, providing a clear trace for every action. This traceability ensures you can always identify the root cause of any event.
  • Workflow Triggers: The Event API can also act as a catalyst for workflows, initiating specific actions based on certain events. This feature allows you to respond promptly and efficiently to any changes within NAAS.
  • Auditing, Governance, and Compliance: The Event API facilitates operational and risk auditing, ensuring your NAAS account adheres to governance standards and compliance requirements.

The Event API provides a clear, detailed, and accurate record of all activities within your NAAS workspace, enabling you to monitor, analyze, and respond to events efficiently. This feature enhances transparency, accountability, and control, making it an invaluable tool for managing your NAAS platform.


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