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Graph Database API


This service allows users to request a Graph Database, an efficient and flexible system ideal for storing graph data. The combination of the Graph Database with our Language Model (LLM) creates a complementary synergy, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each, and providing a robust solution for managing and interpreting complex data.

The Role of ABI

Our Artificial Business Intelligence system (ABI), a key component of the NAAS platform, plays a crucial role in building an extensible Ontology. This Ontology is tailored to specific business needs, enabling AI Agents to answer complex multi-hop questions. ABI's capabilities, combined with the Graph Database, allow for the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base that can support diverse business requirements.

Benefits of a Well-Written Ontology

A well-written Ontology is a valuable asset in data management. It simplifies the use of unstructured data, working in tandem with LLM and the Graph Database to convert this data into structured information. This structured data becomes part of the graph and can be utilized by AI Agents, ABI, or any data product built on the NAAS platform.

The integration of the Graph Database Service into our platform enhances the Knowledge Graph's capabilities, offering users a powerful tool for storing and managing their data. This new service not only enriches the functionality of the NAAS platform but also empowers users to leverage the Knowledge Graph in innovative ways, driving business growth and operational efficiency.


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$100/month per database

API Docs


  • List graph databases
  • Create a graph database
  • Get graph database information
  • Update a graph database
  • Delete a graph database
  • Get graph database credentials