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The Lab API offers a robust and flexible environment for users and organizations to leverage the power of JupyterLab. This feature has been designed to cater to users who may not have a pre-configured development environment, providing them with an intuitive and efficient workspace for their development needs.

  • Persistent Filesystem: The Lab API's filesystem is persistent, ensuring that your files are safe and accessible every time you return to your workspace. This feature eliminates the worry of losing your work due to system shutdowns or inactivity, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Auto-Shutdown: To optimize resource usage, the Lab API is designed to automatically shut down after a period of inactivity. This ensures that resources are not wasted, contributing to the platform's overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Development Focus: The primary function of the Lab API is to provide a conducive environment for development tasks. It is not intended to host production workloads; instead, it facilitates the creation of workloads that can then be integrated with other APIs on the platform, such as the Scheduler, Pipeline, and Space.

The Lab API is a powerful tool on the NAAS platform that empowers users to develop effectively and efficiently. Its features are designed to provide a seamless user experience, from the persistent filesystem to the auto-shutdown feature. By focusing on development tasks, the Lab API ensures users can create workloads that can be seamlessly integrated with other platform features, further enhancing the platform's capabilities and the user's productivity.


Open source (JupyterLab)


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  • List labs
  • Create lab
  • Get lab informations
  • Update lab
  • Delete lab
  • Start lab
  • Stop lab
  • Restart lab
  • Get lab kernels
  • Get lab terminals