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Secret API

Description: As you engage with data products, there's a high chance you'll need to connect to remote endpoints such as databases, APIs, file storage, and more. It's a fundamental rule in programming that credentials should never be hard-coded into any data product or program. This is where our Secrets API comes into play, providing a secure solution for storing secret information in a Key/Value format.

The Secrets API is designed to maintain and update your secrets in NAAS, and is accessible through an API. This means external processes can keep your secrets up-to-date, providing a dynamic and secure approach to data management.

Understanding the importance of security and privacy, we've chosen AWS Secret Manager as the backend solution for storing your secrets. This ensures that your secrets are protected with the highest standards of security technologies, providing peace of mind and a secure foundation for your data product operations.

License: Close source

Price: TBD

API Docs:

**Features: **

  • List secrets
  • Create secret
  • Update secret
  • Get Secret
  • Delete secret