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Workspace API

Description: The Workspace API is a key feature of the NAAS platform, designed to provide administrators with effective management tools for their workspace. This includes managing users, billing, groups, and permissions.

Shared Ownership: In the NAAS environment, resources are tied to a workspace rather than individual users. This unique approach ensures that resources are retained even when a user leaves the company or discontinues using NAAS. It promotes collaboration and prevents loss of valuable data or work.

Credit Sharing: The Workspace API promotes efficiency by allowing shared credit usage within a workspace. As a result, a single subscription can benefit multiple users, making the platform cost-effective for teams and organizations.

Group Management: The Workspace API empowers administrators to create groups for streamlined permission management. This ensures that specific sets of resources can be accessed by designated groups, enhancing security and organization. Administrators, on the other hand, have full access to all resources.

The Workspace API is a powerful tool for administrators, offering comprehensive management capabilities. It fosters collaboration and efficiency by allowing shared resource ownership and credit usage. Its robust group management features ensure a secure and organized workspace, making it an invaluable asset for any NAAS platform user.

License: Close source

Cost: 0$/ min

API Docs:


  • List workspaces
  • Create a new workspace
  • Get workspace information
  • Update workspace
  • Delete workspace
  • Update user in a workspace
  • Invite user to join workspace
  • Remove user from workspace
  • Accept workspace invitation
  • Decline workspace invitation
  • Create group
  • Delete group